How can you be yourself in a world of judgment?


How can you be yourself in a world of judgment?


Isaiah 42:6

“I, the Lord, have called you in righteousness;
I will take hold of your hand.
I will keep you and will make you
to be a covenant for the people
and a light for the Gentiles,


Life is tough sometimes and with the added stress of judgment, peer pressure, even social norms being yourself can at times be difficult. I really like this scripture because it shows how God gives us the strength to be ourselves. The second line says “I will take hold of your hand”. I love this because God is saying he wants an intimate, one on one relationship with us. Our heavenly father wants to help us in our daily lives. He wants to give us direction and guidance to navigate life’s challenges. By surrendering our selfish desires and truly seeking him we are able to have a remarkable life changing relationship. The scripture points out being a light, in this case for people who are not following God. This is important because it gives us a lifelong purpose to do just that. Be a light, a teacher, a brother, sister, mother, father, a shoulder to cry on, or simply a friend to people who don’t have a relationship with God. It doesn’t take leaps and bounds to come into a fulfilling relationship with God. (Although it may feel like it at times) God will work with you once you open your heart and ask for help. Asking is believing and we believe by faith not by sight.


Whether you’re in dire need of God’s provision or you’re doing pretty well. Question not whether you need God in your life or not. Question if you are open and willing to receive his love and experience life abundantly by his grace and mercy.

God loves you; I love you, Thanks for stopping by!


Sick with a side of life!

Hey guys and gals I wanted to give you all a quick update on the progress of Daily Devo Resource! I unfortunately became sick and missed a few days on the daily devo’s and decided one devo a day is too much for me to post, with my busy schedule. So this is ok I will still be posting as frequently as possible. I want to spend more time on good content than quick meaningless posts. It feels good to finally get the ball rolling and post my testimony video. I hope it shines some light into your life and encourages you to live for God. There is more to come and thanks for all your support!

God loves you, I love you, Thanks for stopping by!

My Testimony

Where does our power come from?


Where does our power come from?


2 Corinthians 4:5-7


This scripture begins by talking about how we don’t go around preaching or talking to people about ourselves and the good things we do, but instead we talk about how Jesus is Lord and the source of all good things in our life. The reason this is important in keeping with this week’s theme “being a light for all to see” is because we must recognize we are not the light. The things we have, or the things we’ve done are not the light. No, God the creator of the universe is the light and He chooses to have an intimate, personal relationship with those who choose to seek him. This relationship allows God to shine His light through us and onto others. Since God is the light in our lives, our source, we must not forget where our power comes. The power to get up in the morning, go to school or work, to share our testimonies with others, the power to eat, sleep, and even breathe. Without God we are simply living life going through the motions, and without purpose. Without acknowledging the source of our strength and the good things in our life, we limit ourselves and the work the Lord can do through us. He shines through us and is giving us the power and strength to be the people He has called us to be and to accomplish His purpose for our lives.


Ask yourself do I give God enough room in my life to control my life or do I make the decisions. God is so much bigger than we can imagine and there is nothing to big or too small he can’t help us with. Keep reading and seeking him daily!

God loves you, I love you. Thanks for stopping by!

Slight Technical Problem

Well folks it looks like Daily Devo Resource has run into its first of probably many technical difficulties. I wasn’t able to post todays video like I wanted because my Laptop simply can’t support the editing. This is ok and I will post it hopefully tomorrow. I am glad to see the daily devo’s rolling out and can’t wait for tomorrows!

Being a light for all to see!

This week’s topic: Being a light for all to see!


If you are down or struggling with something, would you want someone to press their religious beliefs on you as an answer to your problem? Or would you want to talk to someone who actually cares about what you are going through, even if they can’t offer a solution or completely comprehend the pain your dealing with.


1 John 1:6-9


This scripture talks about a man sent by God to be a light in the midst of a crumbling nation. Through his testimony, his story, his trials and tribulations, his openness, and his bravery, (cause it takes courage to put yourself out there) others would believe in God. John was not THE light but a witness to the light, meaning he believed so strongly in who Jesus was that he had to tell others that the TRUE light of the world was coming.

I think this speaks volumes for someone who needs help from God but is against the idea of Jesus or Christianity. People may not want to talk to a seemingly unreachable God about their problems. They may just need to talk to other people and hear their story. God gives believers the power to touch others by shining his light through us to other people. This doesn’t mean he’s telling us to shove our beliefs in people’s face; this means God has given us a job to help others by being there and being a friend.


Start reading the bible daily and ask yourself this question: What can I do to be a light? How will that look to my group of friends, my family, at my job or at my school? How will that affect my alone time, my time spent driving, every aspect of my life?

God loves you, I love you. Thanks for stopping by!

Update on strategy and layout

Hello all, Logan here with another exciting update. The layout has been confirmed and after much thought and deliberation I have realized that one video a day is simply too much. What ever shall he do you wonder, we’ll the new format will be (drum roll) one maybe two videos a week. The first video will be the layout for the daily devotions I will post in text every day for that week. The second will be a wrap up of all the devos posted for that week. Whew that wasn’t so bad. Ok we’ll baby Ellie is crying I must go, until next time!


We are officially in the countdown phase of DDR. I can’t wait for the first video to be posted. At this point I am trying to reach people via facebook and twitter and word of mouth. I think as long as I can stay diligent the results will be good. I will be soon asking questions about topic ideas and content, I want this to be fun and interactive and with your help I think it will be!


Here is a picture of my babygirl Ellie!




New Begennings

It’s been a long time in the making and we are now entering the count down, to the launch of Daily Devo Resource. This blog will contain updated videos and links to information pertaining to the recent videos. I am working on getting a domain name that will work and once that is figured out the launch will be imminent. Thanks for all the support and I can’t wait for what’s ahead.

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