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Today I wanted to comment on my recent achievement! I was featured in blogging fusions blog of the day! Now I must confess I haven’t updated this blog in quite a while, therefor I feel as though I let you down. You the reader my support and comrades. You’re my reason for blogging in the first place! So here’s my pledge, my commitment, my duty to you. I promise to upkeep this blog daily! Just as the title says. Now daily blogging does take time a commodity I have very little of. (Let me know where I can buy some) wether it’s a quote or a pic or a full page I’m back and here to spread joy one post at a time!

Until next time-

A pic of my oldest girl in a tree!



Updates on life and endeavors

Wow folks it’s been forever since I’ve got some content up for you guys. I’m so sorry for the delay I have been super busy with work, baby, and other excuses. I do have some good news I have officially begun work on a new website/company/movement. This is something I’ve had on my heart for a while and I thought blogging would be a way to express it via my other blog Daily Dad Matters, but after some thought and deliberation I’ve decided a blog isn’t enough. The new site will be a full-fledged professional website for a movement I’m starting.  I’m challenging men everywhere to become better. That’s it simple right, what do I mean well, I want to provide resources to guys who need advice, tips, how to’s, product reviews and info on an array of topics. Such as food, parenting, tech, travel, health and fitness, and sports just to name a few. I am trying to create a place where men can go and not be bombarded by obscene ads, pictures, and articles. Who cares about the latest swim suit model? I want fun interactive content that is relevant and up-to-date that everyone can enjoy. Dreaming big is the goal with this endeavor because I think it’s needed and wanted. Who knows maybe a magazine would come out of this and be at you neighborhood B&N. Well that’s all the news for now I know it’s a lot to digest but I truly thank you for all your unending support! Have a great day and I’ll keep you updated soon.


Origins Conference 2012 wrap up!

Wow I have so much to tell you guys about and I’m so glad to share what I experienced these past few days. Origins conference 2012 happened and let me say it was AWESOME! This is a youth conference held annually by my church that is meant to bring kids back to the “origin” or Jesus. Every year is something special, kids having an encounter with God, releasing the bondage of addictions, fear, doubt, and generational struggles. It’s so awesome and this year was just as amazing. I had a blast practicing with the worship team and playing on a few of the songs. The room seemed to fill with an understanding that God is our provider and source of joy and life. This new revelation jump started an awakening of minds and hearts to live lives devoted to God. It’s hard enough to be a kid in today’s world, with peer pressure, drugs, tension to do well and be successful, even to grow up faster to be better than you once where. All these things are difficult to deal with but be a part of a family of believers that encourage and uplift, these once seemingly big issues know are small and manageable. I’m glad to share these photos and memories with you and hope you get inspired!

Here is a pic of my fiend Zach laying down some face melting licks! 

New video and Topic!

Hey guys and gals I am so excited to update you on my new blog Daily Dad Matters. It is so awesome. This blog is a place where I can rant and rave and post my day to day happenings. The DDR is a place for motivation and devotions and I wanted to keep it that way. I will still be putting work into DDR and DDM equally and hopefully I stay interesting. Anyways the video coming up is going to be sweet. I am so excited to post it. The topic will be… (Drum roll please) family! What issues do Christian or aspiring Christian families deal with. How to overcome these difficulties and how to fully live the will God has for us. I will ask a question and answer it in scripture just like the current format. I hope you all enjoy these updates and devos. I will see you soon.

God loves you; I love you, thanks for stopping by

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