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Today I wanted to comment on my recent achievement! I was featured in blogging fusions blog of the day! Now I must confess I haven’t updated this blog in quite a while, therefor I feel as though I let you down. You the reader my support and comrades. You’re my reason for blogging in the first place! So here’s my pledge, my commitment, my duty to you. I promise to upkeep this blog daily! Just as the title says. Now daily blogging does take time a commodity I have very little of. (Let me know where I can buy some) wether it’s a quote or a pic or a full page I’m back and here to spread joy one post at a time!

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A pic of my oldest girl in a tree!



Origins Conference 2012 wrap up!

Wow I have so much to tell you guys about and I’m so glad to share what I experienced these past few days. Origins conference 2012 happened and let me say it was AWESOME! This is a youth conference held annually by my church that is meant to bring kids back to the “origin” or Jesus. Every year is something special, kids having an encounter with God, releasing the bondage of addictions, fear, doubt, and generational struggles. It’s so awesome and this year was just as amazing. I had a blast practicing with the worship team and playing on a few of the songs. The room seemed to fill with an understanding that God is our provider and source of joy and life. This new revelation jump started an awakening of minds and hearts to live lives devoted to God. It’s hard enough to be a kid in today’s world, with peer pressure, drugs, tension to do well and be successful, even to grow up faster to be better than you once where. All these things are difficult to deal with but be a part of a family of believers that encourage and uplift, these once seemingly big issues know are small and manageable. I’m glad to share these photos and memories with you and hope you get inspired!

Here is a pic of my fiend Zach laying down some face melting licks! 

Letting go and letting God

My wife and I have been doing a daily devotional for about a month now and I wanted to talk to you a little on my experience with it. As you know the topic for this week is family. Family issues, struggles, experiences, and how we be a family for God. How does God see our family and how do we see our family.

In our daily devotions I have become aware of a disconnect. The disconnect I’m referring to is; how we perceive, manage, control, and guide our family vs. how God perceives, manages, controls, and guides our family. Many times I find myself containing God into a box in which I can manage and understand. It gives me a false belief that I know how God can work in my family and how he will manage my family. This is a scary place to be in because it limits God. Now I know what you’re thinking “you can’t limit God he can do as he pleases” This is true but he wants a relationship with us, and he will greatly bless us and help us in our day to day lives if we desire a relationship too.

I am just starting to embody this concept. The idea and practical life application of letting God have full control of my family. It’s easy to proclaim that God is the navigator of your individual life, but what about the areas of your life in which you directly impact and seemingly control. It’s these areas that stretch our faith the fullest. The areas in which my direct actions will have an effect on the outcome, God wants to help us with. He wants to give us answers and guide us in these very practical day to day things; we just need to be open enough to receive his help.

My prayer for us all is that we don’t get bogged down with everyday life and that we can step into the realization that our lives are not our own. That we can live fully according to the will of God day after day and never seizing.

The daily devotional my wife and I are doing is great for many reasons. One reason I would like to point out is the fact that it brings us together and grounds us in God day after day. As a Christian we need constant grounding, constant reminders that our lives are nothing without faith, without God. I look forward to posting another video soon and some more devo content.

God loves you; I love you, thanks for stopping by!




Blogging for the masses!

An update to end all updates! Not really folks I just wanted to talk up the internet with my foolishness. I have decided to make Daily Devo Resource more compatible by blogging to the masses. I want everyone to enjoy this blog not just people looking for devotionals. I will still post daily devos under the “this week’s devo” page but will post random probably non related bloggy type stuffs under the “updates” page. I have always gotten a kick out of blogging, just never had the motivation to keep it up or the creativity to stay interesting. After exploring the blogosphere I have made some great friends and have been getting great comments and encouragement. (Keep it up) So to kick off this season of creativity I will give a little shout out to Virginia is for bloggers because I myself am a Virginian and love networking with other VA bloggers. I can’t wait to join the next meet and greet and chat with other cool cats.

As for today it is going great so far. I am at work however so that’s never too amazing, unless you’re blogging! (and drinking coffee)  Hahaha I did complete my morning devos and improvised with using my phone as a source of music. Why you ask? I’ll tell you good and faithful follower. My wife’s Zune (kept in the car) has failed us once again and left me with no choice but to unplug it and plug in my phone! Woohoo I like my music more anyways. Ok well there must be some sort of work for me to do. Let me know what you want to chat about on this here bloggy thingy!

God loves you; I love you, thanks for stopping by!

Do you feel sluggish in your walk with God?


Do you feel sluggish in your walk with God?


Psalms 88:13

But I cry to you for help, Lord;

in the morning my prayer comes before you.


I chose this scripture to point out the significance of praying at the start of your day. It’s not just the act of praying in the morning that’s important, it’s choosing to submit your life to God and renewing your commitment to him first thing, before making any decisions. This allows God to fully advise and guide you in your life and to fulfill the plan he has for you. It says “But I cry to you for help, Lord” I like how this is worded because sometimes we do need to cry out. During times of despair or even when we are just having a bad day or a bad season, crying can be therapeutic. There is a peace and overwhelming understanding of God’s love for us when we humble ourselves before him in the morning and before we go to bed. Recently my wife and I have been starting the day with worship in the car on the way to work and finishing up with prayer time as we lay in bed. By doing this we are making prayer a habit in our lives. We don’t even think about it as a “thing we have to do.” It just happens. God encourages us to communicate with him as much as possible, because he loves us more than we can imagine.


Wake up to worship music and humble yourself before God each morning. I promise the love and peace of God will enter your life in an amazing way. Also, don’t neglect to pray before bed. By ridding your mind of all the day’s woes at night you will not only sleep better but be refreshed and ready for what tomorrow brings. This way of ending our day also brings us into the “now” moment and allows us to not worry about yesterday or tomorrow.

How can you be yourself in a world of judgment?


How can you be yourself in a world of judgment?


Isaiah 42:6

“I, the Lord, have called you in righteousness;
I will take hold of your hand.
I will keep you and will make you
to be a covenant for the people
and a light for the Gentiles,


Life is tough sometimes and with the added stress of judgment, peer pressure, even social norms being yourself can at times be difficult. I really like this scripture because it shows how God gives us the strength to be ourselves. The second line says “I will take hold of your hand”. I love this because God is saying he wants an intimate, one on one relationship with us. Our heavenly father wants to help us in our daily lives. He wants to give us direction and guidance to navigate life’s challenges. By surrendering our selfish desires and truly seeking him we are able to have a remarkable life changing relationship. The scripture points out being a light, in this case for people who are not following God. This is important because it gives us a lifelong purpose to do just that. Be a light, a teacher, a brother, sister, mother, father, a shoulder to cry on, or simply a friend to people who don’t have a relationship with God. It doesn’t take leaps and bounds to come into a fulfilling relationship with God. (Although it may feel like it at times) God will work with you once you open your heart and ask for help. Asking is believing and we believe by faith not by sight.


Whether you’re in dire need of God’s provision or you’re doing pretty well. Question not whether you need God in your life or not. Question if you are open and willing to receive his love and experience life abundantly by his grace and mercy.

God loves you; I love you, Thanks for stopping by!

Sick with a side of life!

Hey guys and gals I wanted to give you all a quick update on the progress of Daily Devo Resource! I unfortunately became sick and missed a few days on the daily devo’s and decided one devo a day is too much for me to post, with my busy schedule. So this is ok I will still be posting as frequently as possible. I want to spend more time on good content than quick meaningless posts. It feels good to finally get the ball rolling and post my testimony video. I hope it shines some light into your life and encourages you to live for God. There is more to come and thanks for all your support!

God loves you, I love you, Thanks for stopping by!

My Testimony

Where does our power come from?


Where does our power come from?


2 Corinthians 4:5-7


This scripture begins by talking about how we don’t go around preaching or talking to people about ourselves and the good things we do, but instead we talk about how Jesus is Lord and the source of all good things in our life. The reason this is important in keeping with this week’s theme “being a light for all to see” is because we must recognize we are not the light. The things we have, or the things we’ve done are not the light. No, God the creator of the universe is the light and He chooses to have an intimate, personal relationship with those who choose to seek him. This relationship allows God to shine His light through us and onto others. Since God is the light in our lives, our source, we must not forget where our power comes. The power to get up in the morning, go to school or work, to share our testimonies with others, the power to eat, sleep, and even breathe. Without God we are simply living life going through the motions, and without purpose. Without acknowledging the source of our strength and the good things in our life, we limit ourselves and the work the Lord can do through us. He shines through us and is giving us the power and strength to be the people He has called us to be and to accomplish His purpose for our lives.


Ask yourself do I give God enough room in my life to control my life or do I make the decisions. God is so much bigger than we can imagine and there is nothing to big or too small he can’t help us with. Keep reading and seeking him daily!

God loves you, I love you. Thanks for stopping by!

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